Clarkitecture is a business-minded commercial architecture & design firm based in Wichita, Kansas. We design "Buildings That Mean Business," creative solutions that add value for our clients. We specialize in commercial development (including retail, restaurant, office and multi-family markets).

Not all architects are created equal.

What makes us better than the rest?


We treat our clients with professional service and care. Unlike many architects, we don't take our clients' business for granted. We are invested in their success.

We give the utmost attention to detail. We have zero tolerance for the sloppy, incomplete drawings that have become too common in the industry. Our design projects are thoroughly reviewed and coordinated to reduce costly change orders and surprises during construction.

We offer fair, competitive and transparent fees. Other architects have fees that are variable, aren't clearly defined, or are buried in cumbersome contracts. Our clients know what to expect upfront, in simple terms.

We embrace technology that improves our ability to serve our clients' needs. The industry standard design platform is 35+ years old. Our adopted technology means better design, fewer errors and quicker results.

We focus on timeless and contextual design, not fads and trends. No client should pay to construct a building that will look dated by the time it's completed.

We produce high-quality work quickly. Construction projects and the commercial real-estate market have increasingly demanding deadlines, but we refuse to take shortcuts that may compromise the integrity of our clients' projects. Instead, we work hard and smart.

We deliver cost-effective results for our clients' construction projects. Construction is expensive, but it should also be built to last. We work with contractors and suppliers to find high-quality alternative solutions that won't break the budget.

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